Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad For You

Another song I finished on tuesday. I like it a lot, music is filled with energy and melody. Here it goes:

There's something wrong with people nowadays
They've lost their minds out of their heads
So don't smile, just let the people trust you.

I find perfection in a hole
This city is a box
Believing what I've been told
To confess a hoax.

I want to seek, I want to choose
Every piece inside of you
The air is breading and my head
is starting to float away
This story is in my imagination
I feel bad for you.

I'm hiding everything I say
You're lying to my face
Or am I being paranoid
Or somewhere else?

Because every time I gave another chance
It felt good outside and in my head...

And every smile and every joke you heard
was worth it at the end.