Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I wrote this about my girlfriend


Just deleted a few entries on this blog.

I've grown a lot this year. Many of my friends moved away, the other ones either we lost touch or we hang out sometimes. I get 'up' everyday now, which I'm not proud at all. I also have a girlfriend which I love so much, we've been together for 7 months now. I've noticed how my dog Kallua is old, and I think she has cataracts, it brings me down seeing her like that. My band is going pretty good, we're playing this saturday with many other artists, and been writing new and better songs (most of them inspired on my girlfriend).

I wish I visited more blogger, but I guess days are becoming shorter, or maybe I have too many things to do. Growing up is going to suck.

Nothing else to say today.

Keep down the lights.

I’m happy as an eldery smile, it has been ten minutes and we’ve traveled a thousand miles, and here we are.
We’re near the sun but far enough to cry, but don’t waste your time you got the right to fly, we need to try.
Because if we fly away, we’ll find the way to shine.
You don’t need to be perfect darling, I want to see you smile.

And the moon will let you dance, dance, dance
And your tasty lips will shine in the night
The fun will last forever if you keep
down the lights

The taste of trust begins to flow, you don’t need to take a class to glow, you need to know.
The river is in front of you, thirsty and you don’t know what to do, I know you do.
Because if you find the way, you’ll fly away and shine.
To me you are perfect honey, I want to see you smile.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad For You

Another song I finished on tuesday. I like it a lot, music is filled with energy and melody. Here it goes:

There's something wrong with people nowadays
They've lost their minds out of their heads
So don't smile, just let the people trust you.

I find perfection in a hole
This city is a box
Believing what I've been told
To confess a hoax.

I want to seek, I want to choose
Every piece inside of you
The air is breading and my head
is starting to float away
This story is in my imagination
I feel bad for you.

I'm hiding everything I say
You're lying to my face
Or am I being paranoid
Or somewhere else?

Because every time I gave another chance
It felt good outside and in my head...

And every smile and every joke you heard
was worth it at the end.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Milk- Bedroom

This is a song I recorded with my band last monday. Hope you like it guys :)

Don't forget to download free! Now on mp3.

(Sorry the song was down, re-uploaded it).

Bedroom by Bad Milk

Friday, April 1, 2011

I remembered this out of nothing, so I'm writting it down so I don't forget about this again!

Once, I was about 11 years old, I was with my parents at this club house away from my hometown. I got lost and wanted to take a shit so bad. I remembered one of my dad's friend lived in a trailer near the club, so I went to the trailer park. I didn't know which trailer was my dad's friend's. So the first trailer I saw, I opened the door, took a nice dump and left without flushing the toilet.

I imagine the surprise of the people who lived there. Entering their trailer and smelling someone Else's poo in their bathroom. Like "Hey George, did you used the toilet while we were out?". It was nice though, I hope they have a great life for leaving their door opened.

Best wishes unknown and a little-bit-unlucky people.
Thanks again, after (more or less) 6 years.