Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad For You

Another song I finished on tuesday. I like it a lot, music is filled with energy and melody. Here it goes:

There's something wrong with people nowadays
They've lost their minds out of their heads
So don't smile, just let the people trust you.

I find perfection in a hole
This city is a box
Believing what I've been told
To confess a hoax.

I want to seek, I want to choose
Every piece inside of you
The air is breading and my head
is starting to float away
This story is in my imagination
I feel bad for you.

I'm hiding everything I say
You're lying to my face
Or am I being paranoid
Or somewhere else?

Because every time I gave another chance
It felt good outside and in my head...

And every smile and every joke you heard
was worth it at the end.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Milk- Bedroom

This is a song I recorded with my band last monday. Hope you like it guys :)

Don't forget to download free! Now on mp3.

(Sorry the song was down, re-uploaded it).

Bedroom by Bad Milk

Friday, April 1, 2011

I remembered this out of nothing, so I'm writting it down so I don't forget about this again!

Once, I was about 11 years old, I was with my parents at this club house away from my hometown. I got lost and wanted to take a shit so bad. I remembered one of my dad's friend lived in a trailer near the club, so I went to the trailer park. I didn't know which trailer was my dad's friend's. So the first trailer I saw, I opened the door, took a nice dump and left without flushing the toilet.

I imagine the surprise of the people who lived there. Entering their trailer and smelling someone Else's poo in their bathroom. Like "Hey George, did you used the toilet while we were out?". It was nice though, I hope they have a great life for leaving their door opened.

Best wishes unknown and a little-bit-unlucky people.
Thanks again, after (more or less) 6 years.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'll start writing some english posts too.

I'm just leaving something for you to relax and smile. It looks like you need it. So all the beard guys, watch this:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ayer a un amigo cercano le pasó algo malo, le partieron el corazón, y yo por empatía me deprimí. Es la verdad, jaja. Me mudé por unas horas a la naturaleza, y me di cuenta de lo que nos perdemos día a día. Ya no veo televisión, ahora un árbol es mi sofá. ¿Cuando pasó? ni puta idea. Pero me gusta.

La honestidad es la base de todo. Cuando mi autoestima estaba un poco baja, decidí ser honesto con la gente que me importa. Y me hizo estar feliz de nuevo. Me animó bastante sus respuestas y como lo tomaron. También decidí dejar de dañarme tan seguido. ¿Será que lo necesito?. Pasando 4/7 de la semana escuchando música que entra por los poros de la piel.

En tan solo un sábado viví una vida entera. Toqué tres instrumentos distintos, sentí felicidad, tristeza, emoción, empatía, ladilla, diversión. Vi que todo el mundo pasó mal su sábado incluyéndome. Pero a la final eso no me desanimó. Las letras de mi mente fueron escritas en un papel de título "Sophie". Ella es una persona que no me conoce, que quizás sepa de mi existencia, pero aún así me ayuda con solo conectar los audifonos. Le rindo tributo debido a que no tengo a quién más (a parte de Dios, Jesús y La Vírgen, etc.), y así mismo tiendo a perderme con ella. Muchas de las líneas narran esta loca semana.

Esta semana fue una lección para mí. Me alegro de ello.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I see you’re doing what you want to do
You’re smart enough to get by through
The light has been up, expecting you to get it all for you

You are unique in your own way
The smell of flowers don’t mean anything
It doesn’t matter, because we’ve been blinded anyways

You don't need to fluff
You're pretty enough
Your skin leaves a stain in the air
A stain you won't see clearer.

The wind is messing up your hair
The thing is that you don't care
Don't give away your gift to them because they
will not repay.

And I'll be, waiting for you, Across the street,
picturing your silhouette in front of me
In the corner, lonely and brave because you're the
Princess of the strings.